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One of our members, Sachin, and a student holding up a sign that says, "Yo heart METAS".


Our vision is to empower the blind in Mexico with innovative skill-based, mentor-centered, positive programing that empowers self-determination and growth. 

Mission Statement: METAS is an organization that aims to spread training on blindness skills in Mexico though a lens of structured discovery and cultural sensitivity. We provide the expertise to teachers and professionals working with blind adults and children so that local professionals can continue to foster a positive atmosphere. We use research based practices in working with the blind and professionals in the field.

METAS is a non profit organization working in Mexico to build a community of inclusion around blind and low vision students. Currently 60% of blind and low vision students in Mexico do not have access to any type of education. We hope to close that gap by working with educators and giving them the tools necessary to provide high quality instruction. With your help we can reach our goals of education for the blind in Mexico. 


  1. Increase independence through the instruction of cane travel and independent living skills
  2. Foster self-determination by helping students be better advocates
  3. Provide educators with best practices in working with blind students using a train the trainers model

Conchita from #METAS is applying for the #Holman prize. Please like the following video on youtube and share with your networks. If Conchita wins, METAS will be able to have a conference in Mexico bringing together blindness professionals, blind individuals, their parents and families to build bridges to understanding in Mexico around blindness. Please like on youtube and share!




Blind?, Speak Spanish? Mentor the blind in Mexico!


While mentoring, engaging, and teaching, all students in Guadalajara Mexico is our passion, METAS is committed toward advancing career opportunities for blind youth in the US as well.  Fortunate to our program, a partnership with the Blindness Industries and Services of Maryland rehabilitation training center yielded us a valuable addition to our Mexico 2017 project.  Ashley joined the group offering interpreting support, and was a critical resource for our work with 35-students, and 10-teachers of the blind at the local school we serve.  We developed an internship experience to increase her vocational portfolio.  METAS is excited to replicate this program for our 2018 campaign.

“Not only did I get to practice Spanish interpretation---which is a career  goal of mine, but I got to put some of the skills I’m mastering at my training center into practice as well,” said Ashley. Last September, Ashley was 2-months from completing a rigorous training program at BISM in essential skills in blindness.  She traveled to Guadalajara independently experiencing a variety of logistical international cane travel, public transportation, and ride-share activity.  METAS directly benefited from her over 30-hours of English-to-Spanish interpretation for two of our staff.  She assisted in classes in self-determination, socialization, and independent living.

Ashley adds, “I’m so glad I got to experience the METAS internship. It gave me drive to search hard for more international job opportunities!”  We are so proud of Ashley, and look forward to cheering her on as she continues wowing the world with her hard-work and determination. Furthermore, we were equally wowed when we came across her donation to our Giving Tuesday fund raiser. That’s just Ashley being Ashley, giving back! Muchisimas gracias!

METAS invites Spanish-speaking blind individuals (21-plus) interested in hands-on international advocacy to consider applying for our internship program.  Qualified applicants should be prepared to complete all portions to the application process, articulate their strengths and desire to be a part of the team, provide references, and be willing to work with METAS to secure sponsorship for a 1-week, 30-hour, internship in Guadalajara, Mexico.

To Apply: Please visit:

Complete the METAS Internship online form, and a team-member will be in-touch shortly!

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